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100% Organic Plant Source Calcium

The Legacy formulary scientists have  developed an exciting and revolutionary new calcium formula which offers superior and unsurpassed benefits for your bone health throughout the entire human skeletal system!

Calcium has been touted as “The Superstar of Nutrients” by the New York Times among other leading news and health publications.

“Ultimate” Bone Health is 100% organic, a plant source calcium infused with a host of bone supporting vitamins and minerals packaged in an alkalizing whole food base. A complete nutritional package for your entire body, inside and out.

Legacy’s “Ultimate” Bone Health is essential for your whole body,,, cardiovascular, teeth, hair and skin. Even more “Ultimate” Bone Health aids in acid elimination, maintaining proper pH balance.

Current scientific research has confirmed what nutritionists have long known for decades, major human organs need well-absorbed calcium to function properly.

Legacy only uses the best organic calcium from nutrient rich, ocean plants, while other similar products use rock based ingredients. We know you’ll find the difference astonishing!

Benefits of “Ultimate” Bone Health:

  • Reduced risk of colon cancer
  • Improved heart health
  • More effective weight management
  • Reduce symptoms for PMS
  • Healthier blood pressure levels
  • Better development for stronger bones
  • Strong, beautiful, healthier teeth

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